Monday, January 5, 2015

Vintage Fashion Complete

We came across this brilliant new resource for lovers of vintage recently - Vintage Fashion Complete by Nicky Albrechtsen and published by Thames and Hudson.  It's a beautiful publication with some stunning examples of prime pieces from across the eras - a real definitive guide to style throughout the 20th century and an incredible reference for anybody interested in vintage fashion and design.

The book is clearly split into decades, which gives a comprehensive overview of styles and trends from each era - from pattern design and graphics to fastenings, collars and hemlines, there are some phenomenal images of some of the defining and iconic styles of each era, all the way up to the 1980's.

                                      1930's capes
       1940's tea dresses

                        Striking 1940's frock

                      1950's floral prints

Decade by decade pattern design 

                          1950's necklines and fitted shapes

1960's technicolour & pop art sensibilities

There are also some great archival photographs of some fantastically chic women

    1920's Flapper style

The book also goes on to break down vintage fashion into individual elements, and has some excellent reference guides to everything from hats, gloves, handbags, knitwear and swimsuits across the decades.
                      Glamorous 1940's housecoats

                           Bold and colourful mid-century swimwear

                          Knitwear trends across the decades

Written and compiled by vintage fashion specialist Nicky Albrechsten who also runs Vintage Labels Studio in East London, an exhaustive archive of vintage fashions and well worth a look for stylists and designers.

Nicky was also behind another great vintage resource book we love, Scarves documenting  neck-scarf design across the 20th century with some beautiful examples of key textile designers, patterns and surface design.  Nicky co-wrote this with fellow vintage fashion expert Fola Solanke who we are thrilled to sometimes welcome at NLVM as a stallholder, bringing with her amazing original textiles, scarves and clothing from the 1920's onwards.  Keep an eye on our Twitter feed to see when she's next in attendance!

Vintage Fashion Complete is in our opinion the only guide out there covering vintage style with such depth, invaluable to anybody with a passion for fashion of the past! More info about the title here

Vintage Fashion Complete, ISBN 9780500517611, 432pp, 1300 illustrations, 30.80 x 24.00 cm. Thames and Hudson 2014.

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